Monday, April 23, 2012

Under a Watchful Eye

In a quest to become more fit, I have, once again, begun a new calorie-counting diet and exercise program. You can read all about it here, if you are so inclined.

When I started last week I had not really exercised in many moons. So, I rolled out my mat, got on my comfy harem pants and put on some tunes.

Slowly, but surely, the exercises and routines came back to me.

But, this time one thing was very different: the inquisitive kitty eyes watching every move I made.

Leo pretty much follows me around all day, and will usually take a nap where I am. Sometimes he will wander off into another room to snooze, but generally where I am so is he.

So, it was no surprise that
he'd be hanging around as I stretched, and Zumba-d, and squatted, and sit-upped.

What caught me as hilarious is that the way he watched me seemed to be with such confusion. And when I got down on my mat to start my sit-ups here comes Leo... right in my face.

"So, what are you doing? Can I help?" he seemed to say.

I continued to do my thing as he wound his way around my head, though my legs, rubbed on my feet. Oh yes, he was very helpful. ::smiles::

The subsequent times I have worked out he has still tried to "help." One day I actually closed the door on him, poor duder.

He didn't give up without a fight: shut went the door, and out shot a little paw from under the door. "Hey! Let me back in!"

Maybe I can just try using him as a five-pound weight. Then he will be helping!

— E & L


  1. I knew you were a closet cat lover! Cute blog!

    1. Leo has definitely helped convert me. Though I really am still a dog person at heart, I love him to pieces.


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