Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Purr-thday, Leo Cat!

It's October 7th, and you know what that means!

What? You don't know what that means?

Well, it means it's LEO'S BIRTHDAY, of course, silly!

His 2nd Birthday, to be exact. And so I must exclaim:


For birthday numero dos, Leo got a cool mousey toy, which is more of a jingle ball with a mouse face, but he thinks it's pretty neat-o. However, the best present this year was his new bed! 

Isn't that pretty fancy-pants???

I brought it home, removed the tags and plopped it on the floor next to my desk. He immediately went to it, sniffed briefly and then curled up and snoozed—as shown above. Score for the Human!

This evening he has been extra silly, so I think he knows it's a special day. Although, at the moment, he is a calm sentry lying in the doorway threshold. 

Happy Birthday Number Two, Little Boy. You go ahead and enjoy a relaxing evening on your special day. You sure continue to bring this Human so much joy, and I love you to pieces!

— E & L

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