Sunday, October 7, 2012

There's a First for Everything... Including Birthdays!

Please Note: There is no way on God's green
Earth that I could ever get a hat on Leo.
So, please accept this cute picture as a substitute.


One year ago today, a little, orange fur-ball was born. Two months later, he would be a sick kitten, and up for death row. Until one Sunday in December, when two humans would take pity on the little guy and bring him to what would become his fur-ever home.

So, happy first birthday, buddy. I wasn't convinced about you at first, but I sure do love you, and can't imagine life without you.

This morning, I picked him up, gave him a big hug and said, "Happy birthday, Duder!"

"What's 'purrthday,' mama?" Leo asked with confusion.

I explained that it was the very first day that he came into this world, and that we humans like to celebrate that special day every year.

He wasn't too terribly convinced about all this, that is, until he received some cool presents and some tasty, new treats. He loves everything! He immediately rastled with his new crinkle mouse. Then he pounced on his new tweeting bird. Ate a few nummy treats.

And then, then I slipped the ring of his new bouncy mouse around the curled leg of the table.

Woohoo! That sure is fun to pounce on and rastle with! However, that darn cognitive thinking took over again, and he realized that he should be getting rid of the string. So, he began biting on it. But, then he also realized that all he needed to do was simply slide the ring off of the table leg. He sure came close to getting it off of there! I wonder just how long that toy is going to last?!

After all of that morning excitement, the birthday boy is currently enjoying a well-earned nap. Later tonight he'll be getting cuddled with and loved on even more, so he better rest up!

Happy Birthday, Little Duder Boy!

— E & L

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