Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boredom Killed the Cat

The Dude in his favorite snoozing chair.
My poor Duder.

I can't help but feel like he is bored out of his wits during the day. I mean, no one is home until after five o'clock, and you can only stare out the window or bat around your mousey toy so many times.

Of course, this may just be me worrying too much. He is probably purrfectly content to snooze in the afternoon sun.

I do know that he seems to be extra needy lately as far as affection and food goes. Leo is supposed to be on a diet, and now he cries for food and treats. He also follows me around, rubs on my leg and mews at me.

"Hey, Human! Down here! Remember how soft and sweet I am? Pet me, pet me!"

Although, I have to say, it is awfully sweet to be loved by the fluffy guy so much. And I love when he greets me at the door when I get home from work. Sometimes he's just there, other times I open the door, shout, "Duder, I'm home!" and here comes the jingle, jingle, jingle of his collar as he runs to see me. Unless he is snoozing in his new favorite green chair, then he simply lifts his head up and looks at me in acknowledgment.

"Oh, good, you're home," he'll say lazily.


Then the constant mewing begins and does not end until he gets his dinner.

Spoiled rotten little thing.

I hope he will get used to the schedule and being in a new place, then he won't be quite so needy.

Or, I'll just need to get another kitty or dog to keep him company...

Yeah, I'm not so sure he'd go for that. Maybe if I mention it he'll quite his silly mewing and moping in the hopes that I'll change my mind.


— E & L

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