Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feline Affection

I've mentioned this before, but Leo is such a kisser.

No, really. I mean he will lick you like a dog would.

I'll come home, scoop him up in my arms and there he goes, straight for my nose.

*lick, lick, lick*

*kiss, kiss, kiss*

"Oh yes, thank you for the nose kisses," I'll say, "I love you, too, Dude."

Recently I read that cats who lick may do so because they associate it with what feels good to them. When they were itty bitty kitties, their mothers would lick and groom them as a show of affection. In turn, cats lick us to show their affection toward us. It felt nice to them when they were babies with mom, so it must feel good to us, too. Plus, when we pet them it gives them that same sensation.

Actually, that's rather sweet, isn't it?

Just like we grow up with hugs and kisses from loved ones, our kitties grew up with kisses, too.

So, when I scoop up Leo into a big hug and smooch his head—like I was taught—he purrs and licks my nose in affection back—like he was taught.

I guess it's true; love knows no barriers.

— E & L

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