Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cute as a Button

As a first-time cat owner, not to mention a self-declared "dog person," I have been surprised by how attached I have become to this little, orange mass of fur.

It's not just how playful he is, or his many sleeping positions, nor is it even his fetishes. These things all endear him to me, and make up his unique personality. But, it is also the little things that I find myself stopping and smiling about.

One thing that I found oh-so-cute from the get-go was listening to him drink water. Um, what? No, really. There is something about that little "lap, lap, lap, lap, lap" that I find so delicate and soothing. Almost like listening to the rain drizzle outside. Plus, at the time I first noticed it, it seemed like such a contrast to his crazy kitten behavior. I still find myself pausing to listen to it.

Then there are those adorable kitty whiskers. I just love those long, white strands. The way they contrast against his orange fur is so cute to me. The fact that they remind me of a walrus or overgrown nose hairs are just pluses.

Lastly, I give you the foot-tuck. As I mentioned, Leo really likes to sleep all spread out. But, when he is just sitting around, he will often tuck his front feet under his body. This is sometimes accompanied by the tail-wrap where he wraps his tail around his body. He becomes a perfect oval. This pose exudes feline satisfaction. I feel that when he sits this way he is telling me he is content with life.

It must be true love when even the simplest of things bring me joy and smiles.

Sorry pups, but perhaps I need to get myself a subscription to Cat Fancy...

— E & L

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