Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boulevard of Broken Tails

One of Leo's eccentricities that he has had since the time we brought him to his fur-ever home is his "broken tail."

No, it's not really broken, and to my knowledge never has been.

But ever since he was a little guy he has held his tail in a bent-over fashion. In fact, when we first got him this was the only way he held his tail. Which, of course, led me to ask him if he had a broken tail.

In all honesty I was a little worried that he wasn't able to hold his tail straight up at all. But, my fears were set aside rather quickly once he began to have a normal cat/tail relationship.

Now he swishes it around. Thumps it on the floor and window sill. Holds it high when he's curious. Wiggles just the tip when he's annoyed (his "rattle snake tail").

However, at times he still walks around with that crooked tail.

I like to think that when he holds it this way he is in a completely happy state. Not a care in the world for that little kitty.

That is, until he sees that bug...

::Twitch, twitch, twitch::

Oh yes, you will be his...

— E & L

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