Monday, August 6, 2012

Leo: The Next Tight Rope Walker, or the Next Right Fielder? You Decide...

Beds are the best!
Leo Kitty is a curious and smart little thing. His ancestors were probably the ones that inspired the old adage, "curiosity killed the cat."

But, like I said, he is also incredibly intelligent. I mean, he has figured out how to open the door!

At night I put him in his "bedroom" where his food, water, bed, litter box and some toys are, and shut the door. Just because I want to keep him out of trouble while I try to get some sleep. Anyway, when he was still smaller, he quickly figured out that all he had to do was jump up, grab the handle and that door would open.

I still remember the first time he did it. There was a loud noise, and then all of a sudden I hear this little kitty squeak.

"Mew," he said as he sauntered into the bedroom.

"Leo! Did you let yourself out???" I was aghast. Surely not...

I put him back in there. A few minutes later, here he comes.


That is some serious cognitive thinking!

So, lately Little Leo has been a fan of the bed. He loves to snooze on there during the day, and he also thinks it is a prime playing spot.

The headboard and footboard have this open, metalwork design. Recently, Leo has been putting one little, kitty paw on the railing. Then the other. Then he puts one of his back feet on there, then attempts the last one. But, he quickly realizes that is pretty unstable, so he sticks to the two feet. I'm still convinced he'll figure it out one of these days. He's like a circus kitty or something! I tell him he can be whatever he wants when he grows up, but he always responds the same way:

"I'm going to be a pawsitively ferocious Tiger Cat when I grow up!"

Sure you are, buddy.

Anyway, we even have a new game that involves the bed and the railing:

I grab one of his toys, usually a mousey toy or his "Cute Kitty" heart from his Auntie Jean. And Leo crouches behind the rail. I toss the toy into the air toward the bed, and Leo leaps up to catch it! He will then rastle with it for a few moments, then walk away so I can pick it up and start the game all over again.

We will also play through the railing. I will toss the toy up to him while he has an arm through a hole in the railing, and he'll snatch the toy!

It's actually a lot of fun for both of us. He is a really good catcher! He has quick reflexes and jumps up, nice and tall, and catches the toy right out of the air. He could be an outfielder! Catching that ball, getting the out and winning the game!

::fake crowd cheers::

He'll never go for that.

He'd rather be playing "tiger in the grass."


— E & L

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