Monday, July 9, 2012

Read All About It!

Remember that Cutest Cat Contest I told you about?

Leo didn't win.

No, not even a mention. We are pretty bummed out about that one, but now we know we can't rely on our Facebook friends to come through. How many cute kid/cute pet contests have I clicked on???

I digress...

Little Leo may not have won the photo contest, but it seems his place may be in the written word.

You may recall that P & C was featured in a special online newspaper not too long ago.

Well, I returned from my two-week vacation yesterday to find out that Leo was chosen to be the Pet of the Month in the local Living Magazine. How cool is that? You can see the Pet of the Month section, as well as the rest of the issue here

Leo and I are very happy to have been chosen. Although, when I told him, it took a little while to sink in.

"Leo! We're in a magazine that is printed and distributed throughout Texas!"

"Oh? Really? That's... ::ZzzZzz::," replied Leo.

Apparently he was a little tuckered out. In fact, both Leo and my fella were literally snoring away as I worked on my computer last night.

But, this morning Leo was so excited. He came into my room, rubbed all over me and licked my nose.

"I'm famous!"

I smiled and answered, "PAWSitively."

One of the nice ladies at the magazine is going to mail me a few copies. I can't wait to see it and physically feel it in my hands.

The news certainly made my day after a long, twenty-four hour train ride back to Texas.

And hey, since I wrote the story, does this mean I'm "published?" Ha! 

— E & L

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